Welcome to Read Planet!

You know, like “Yesterday I read a book.” Red planet, not “reed” planet… nevermind.

If you know me, it is probably through my technical writing on Hackaday.com, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, or a slew of other magazines articles and books I’ve written over the years. If you don’t know me, well, that’s not surprising either.

As you might guess, I’m an engineer — an electrical engineer and I’ve worked on things that are at the bottom of the ocean and that have been in orbit around the Earth. I’ve read science fiction since I was a kid, but I haven’t written nearly as much science fiction.

I’m more a fan of science fiction that is at least somewhat plausible. So I don’t write much about aliens who speak English for no apparent reason or wizards. You’ll find a lot of gadgets in my stories, but also people who are probably grappling with how to best use those gadgets to solve a problem or, at least, make their life better.

Want to read some of my fiction? To date, I’ve sold exactly one story in Nature: Futures and it hasn’t been in print yet, but stay tuned here and I’ll let you know when it is. But I may post some very short stories here in the near future and — of course — I hope to be in more print places soon.

Stay tuned!


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